PasswordsPro – is the ultimate password manager. Passwords and text notes can be stored encrypted files, which can be unlocked with one master password.


More friendly installer
Automatic detection of regional configuration to avoid date format issues
Improved encryption/decryption speed to large passwords and notes files
New UI rewritten from scratch, including:
A new toolbar with easy to use icons
Direct access to PasswordsPro web FAQs
Capability to resize the main form and remember size and position between sessions
New screen, easiest to use, to change master password
New screen, easiest to use, to create a new password and notes file
New option to start the program with a passwords and notes files opened
Possibility of cancel operations as creation of new file or master password change
Automatic close of saved files when trying to create a new password and notes file
New validations to improve data consistency

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  1. jason33
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    jason33 27 October 2015 16:28
    can it be used to crack a rar file password
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    appo Offline 27 October 2015 20:02
    You need "ElcomSoft Advanced Archive Password Recovery" or "Accent RAR Password Recovery"