Yogesh Singh - Software Testing

Yogesh Singh - Software Testing

Software testing is conducted to provide stakeholders with information about the quality of a product under testing. The book, which is a result of the two decades of teaching experience of the author, aims to present testing concepts and methods that can be used in practice. The text will help readers to learn how to find faults in software before it is made available to users. A judicious mix of software testing concepts, solved problems and real-life case studies makes the book ideal for a basic course in software testing. The book will be a useful resource for senior undergraduate/graduate students of engineering, academics, software practitioners and researchers.
- Presents object-oriented testing which includes path testing, state-based testing and class testing.
- Explains issues, challenges and difficulties of testing web applications.
- Emphasizes testing web applications and automated test data generation techniques.
- Contains numerous solved problems, examples and about 200 practice exercises, as well as including over 200 multiple-choice questions with answers in each chapter.


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